What do you get when you combine 65 years of post production knowledge, creative ideas and cutting edge technology? The WORx. The WORx is a high tech, low stress solution to the digital media industry. We deliver world-class on-set digital management for the film, television and advertising industries. We are dedicated to taking the "mystery" out of your project with teamwork and out the box innovation. We provide consultancy and on-set processing for all data shoots, editorial, colour grading, post and VFX supervision, VFX tests, video engineering, camera management and IT support. Our workflow experts are also available to design, install and integrate any system. With comprehensive knowledge of engineering and software, we are suited to take on any project challenge. Get it done on time, within budget, at the highest possible quality, the first time.
Our Awesome "WORx"

Our Awesome "WORx"

Some of our recent projects
Our Awesome Team

Our Awesome Team

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Our Awesome HQ

Our Awesome HQ

The WORx creates an environment ensuring optimum image quality, verified by experienced post production professionals.



We are a new company. All our members have all previously worked in post production facilities. We recognise that post production is rapidly evolving because of technological advances, and believe in bringing post production closer to the camera as client and project needs are better serviced on-set in a guerrilla style post production setting. With the advance of digital cameras, we now have the capabilities to assess media on-set as filming is happening, process files, edit, grade etc. This ensures that the material a Director is shooting really works and there are no reshoots, no surprises in post production and no unplanned costs or headaches. Having the right brain power on a set, will eliminate the classic phrase : "We'll fix it in post."
  • Reg has over 30 years of experience in post production. He is a world-class DIT and delivers digital management for film, television and advertising industries. A seasoned master that prides himself on taking the “mystery” out of your project and delivering the very best possible. He currently provides consultancy and on-set processing for all data shoots, post and VFX supervision, VFX tests, video engineering, camera management, programming and IT support. He is a workflow and camera expert and can design, install and integrate any system. With a comprehensive knowledge of engineering and software, he is suited to take on any project challenge. An excellent communicator with an ability to perform well in a multi-tasking environment. Reg has a track record of achieving goals as part of a team or as an individual. He is highly skilled in the planning and execution of special projects during time-critical assignments with attention to detail and a strong follow-through. SPECIALITIES ■ Data management ■ Digital Imaging Technician ■ Film and video shoot technical consulting ■ VFX: Motion control Crowd Duplication Chroma Keys Stereoscopic Software ■ Multi Format/Camera Shoots (Phantom doesn't scare him) ■ Edit suite, machine room, server room design installation and cabling ■ Digital media transfer network design and development ■ Video equipment integration ■ Sourcing unique equipment to meet specific criteria ■ Software development in several languages from c++, c#, perl, php including database applications using mysql ■ Systems planning, implementation and integration ■ IT admin and server maintenance ■ Electronics maintenance to component level ■ Camera and VTR maintenance and various technical courses from Sony ■ Certified Autodesk Integrator. Passed with over 95% ■ Certified Bright Systems SAN Designer, Installer and Integrater. Passed with 99% ■ Unix. Various courses and installation and maintenance of servers and workstations ■ Linux. Various courses and installation and maintenance of servers and workstations ■ Is not afraid of Stroh Rum
  • Tahnee is dedicated to taking all of the frustrations of working the old way and pulverizing them to a dust so fine it actually oils the wheels of the machine. She is a user-friendly technical producer who is fluent in geek and happily decodes vague digital terminology into useful production workflows. Over the last 4 years she has been involved in all aspects of production and post production. She is most sensitive to the needs, requirements and deadlines of the production company and the post house. Because of her experience on "both sides of the fence" she is able to get the very best solution for even the most complicated projects. She is a team-player that works best under pressure when a clear head is needed and most people are running for the doors. She has an uncanny ability to assess a situation and see a clear path towards an uncompromised resolution. With the experience gained working on numerous features, series and commercials, involving both film and video, she should be a primary member of your team. Whether it is a telecine, a film lab, a Flame or an Avid - she knows what glue is needed to pull everything together. Whether it's gigabytes, number of perfs, bits in a colourspace, feet of film or particle systems, Tahnee can mix this up into a clear concise package that anyone can understand and work with. When it's the wrong side of 3am, the person most likely to pitch up with a warm flask of coffee and a pack of cigarettes would be Tahnee - she covers all the bases.
  • Niel is a Cape Town based DIT and video engineer with extensive experience in post production, systems design and maintenance.

Reg's Resume

Download Reg's Resume

The WORx places every conceivable resource at your disposal ON-SET to allow you to concentrate on the creative process.

We have a passion for quality and are as inventive with our workflow solutions as you are with your storyboards.

We do not want some of your business, we want all of your business. We offer a wide selection of services to fit into any projects needs – small or large.


    Copy, backup, and verify the checksum of your footage.

    Create offline files with look-up tables applied for your editorial department.

    Log, organize, and prepare your footage for the post house. On-set or back at The WORx HQ.

    Link the production audio to the footage.

    Our Editor, Paul Merrington, has worked with top South African and international directors and advertising agencies. Paul has won numerous awards and boasts working on the first Avid in South Africa.

    First light pass on your footage.

    Have a question about a camera or want some advice on what will work in post? Ask Reg!

    Our supervisors have a comprehensive understanding of film, video, audio, graphics, effects, and their integration into the digital realm.

    Live 3 layer slap comp in HD? No problem. Crowd duplication? No problem. Give us a challenge and we'll come up with a solution!

    Dailies over a secure wireless network for on-set accessibility via iPad or iPhone.

    Secure storage of your data onto LTO5 tape for your safe-keeping.

    We are also contracted to consult, design and implement edit suites, networks, servers and studios.

    We have a 100mb/s line and we know how to use it! Call us for a quote, we think you will love the price.

    We spec and build our own hard drives to ensure that you get a good batch.

    High definition video take-off.


I am never using anyone else ever again. You guys rock!

- Jayson De Rosner, Line Producer


You guys continue to be the best. Thanks so much for kicking ass. Best crew I have ever worked with, full stop. You did an incredible job managing the madness. Always cool, calm, and collected. Just wanted to say thanks for the incredible run this year. Starz is lucky to have you all on the show. You deserve to let your hair down (looking at you Reg ;-) )

- Jonathan Brytus, Associate Producer Black Sails, Starz Entertainment


On behalf of Film Afrika, Warner Brothers and the House Party crew I would like to thank you very much for supporting us the way you did. Your efforts and co-operation greatly contributed to the success of the film and the fantastic reviews and congratulations we are receiving from the Warner Brother executives. I am looking forward to collaborate with The Worx in the not too distant future

- Theuns de Wet, Line Producer, Film Afrika


OF COURSE I WANT REG! Would not do this job without him

- Nikki Hall-Jones, Line Producer


Reg and Tahnee of The Worx were spectacularly helpful on a recent shoot – forthcoming with advice and assistance, resourceful on location and on an away shoot, and excellent at their tasks

Allan Glogauer, Executive Producer, Glo Films


THANK YOU! Your assistance was beyond the core of duty and REALLY appreciated very very much!

- Jacqui Beek, Producer




Unit 6D, The Waverly Business Park, Dane Road, Mowbray, 7700 Cape Town, South Africa




+27 82 549 9144 +27 83 351 4315
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